IMAC Regeneration Centers

To founder Dr. Matt Wallis, it was evident that there was a need for healthcare options that did not include surgery or prescription pain medication. While on the hunt for a treatment for his own herniated disc several years ago, he was determined to avoid surgery and knew that chiropractic care alone was not going to cut it. After visiting clinics all over the United States and abroad, Dr. Matt was baffled at the lack of collaboration by practitioners from various backgrounds. Dr. Matt wondered what could happen if medical doctors worked along side doctors of physical therapy and chiropractic physicians, all working toward the goal of helping patients get better.

IMAC was created to not just mask the symptoms of pain, but with the hope of eliminating pain completely in order to steer patients back towards the life they deserve. IMAC Regeneration Centers are regenerative rehabilitation clinics that harness and boost your body's ability to heal itself. IMAC Regeneration Centers provide a holistic approach toward healing--without prescriptions or surgeries!

From professional athletes with sports injuries to dependent seniors struggling to stay active with everyday pain, IMAC treats patients of all ages and backgrounds. Our medical teams include medical doctors, nurse practitioners, doctors of physical therapy, and doctors of chiropractic. The collaboration of these departments and their compassionate care has resulted in repair of damage and disease in many patients, helping them completely avoid opioids and invasive surgery.

We pride ourselves in our personalized plans for each patient that is designed to fit their individual needs. IMAC believes in the use of our bodies and their natural ability to heal themselves, which has led to incredibly positive patient outcomes over the years. Due to the success our patients have seen and the evolving world of medicine, we are expanding quickly throughout the United States in order to ensure we are accessible to anybody in need of care.

Tired of being held back by everyday pain? Let IMAC Regeneration Centers guide you towards the life you’ve been missing.