Success Without Surgery

Patient Community

Our team supports and actively pursues opportunities to make a positive impact on our patients. We work to form a tight knit community of like-minded individuals who wish to avoid surgery or prescription opiates, who will encourage one another on their journey to better health. We believe that sharing in this journey greatly improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Our dedication to finding the best treatment programs for our patients is unparalleled. We are always working to innovate new therapies and programs to advance our healthcare mission. From simple techniques in our physical therapy departments, to cutting edge scientific discoveries utilized in our medical procedures, we refuse to believe that surgery is the answer. At IMAC, we specialize in restoring your hope.

Quality and Service

We are committed to providing exceptional care that is unique to each patient. We focus on creating an environment where high quality customer service is the cornerstone of patient care at every level of our organization. You can have confidence that you are getting the highest quality medical care with genuine compassion and devotion from our IMAC Regeneration Center team.


We foster a collaborative working environment that promotes the best and brightest in the industry who are committed to IMAC’s vision. We believe working together is more powerful than alone, therefore ensuring we are held to the highest standards of professionalism. That's why IMAC teams with medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractic practitioners who work collaboratively to ensure your success.

Locate Us

IMAC Regeneration Centers has clinics in several states and additional clinics opening soon. IMAC Regneration Centers brings our quality treatment options close to home, no matter where your home may be. Find an IMAC clinic near you and begin your path to Success without Surgery.

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IMAC Regeneration Centers is a world leader in regenerative medicine. With our years of experience, you can trust our expert teams to offer you the very best care without prescription medication or surgery. Click below to learn about the innovative treatments offered at IMAC Regeneration Centers that are changing healthcare as we know it.

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Ready to get started on your path to pain-free living? Our team of physicians are ready to answer your questions and determine how IMAC Regeneration Centers can best help you. Click below to schedule an introductory phone call with a physician near you!

Ian White, Ph. D.

Dr. White is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine with 20 years’ experience working with cardiovascular biology, tissue regeneration and stem cell biology.  Dr. White received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Liverpool University, England prior to being hired at Dartmouth College to study the genetics of gamete biology. In August 2000, Dr. White was recruited to Harvard University to work with hematopoietic stem cells and immune cell biology under the mentorship of the world-renowned Dr. Laurie Glimcher, where he co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts.


Ambassador Update

IMAC Regeneration Centers’ Brand Ambassador Ozzie Smith talks about his involvement with PGA Reach–an organization that works to expand the game of golf to students. Ozzie also had a large part in bringing the PGA Championship to St. Louis, MO in 2018.

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IMAC is Expanding to Springfield, Missouri!

IMAC Holdings, Inc. Announces Research Scientist, Dr. Ian White, Joins IMAC Regeneration Centers As Chief Scientific Officer Brentwood, TN, Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IMAC Holdings, Inc. (“IMAC”), a provider of regenerative rehabilitation orthopedic medical treatments without the use of surgery or opioids, announced that Dr. Ian White, Ph.D. has joined IMAC as the […]

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Do I Really Need a Hip Replacement?

Your hips are the largest “ball-and-socket” joint within your body. This joint controls most of the movement in your body, therefore, suffering the most wear and tear. Whether you’re walking, running, or even sitting, your hips are responsible. It comes with no surprise that when these joints begin to diminish, your ability to function is […]

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Tiger Woods and Regenerative Medicine

It’s no secret that regenerative medicine is making a name for itself at a rapid pace, which has professional athletes taking notice. Tiger Woods, PGA all-star, suffered a serious injury to his ACL in 2008. Because the ACL is responsible for rotational stability to the knee joint, damage to it can change the entire course […]

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Stem Cells vs Tommy John Surgery

Imagine being a baseball pitcher dedicated year-round to your craft, just craving that certain velocity you know you are capable of if you just throw a few more pitches a day. Throwing a fastball at 90+ mph can feel like the most important thing in life in high school and college. While it is a […]

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